[FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] Dan Morgenstern. Dan Morgenstern was born in Hadera, Israel in 1967. Nine years later in 1976, his family moved to Los Angeles California. Dan wasn't religious. [FOREIGN] but his family sent him [FOREIGN] to a religious Orthodox school [FOREIGN] because the teachers Spoke [UNKNOWN] in Hebrew and English.

Dan learned about Judaism, [FOREING] and he loved it [UNKNOWN] After a few years, Dan and his family were in hospital [FOREIGN] They had a car accident [FOREIGN] Dan was okay, but his father and sister were injured. [FOREIGN] were injured [FOREIGN] When they got better or when they recovered [FOREIGN] Dan was sent [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] to a secular school [FOREIGN] He quickly forgot that he was a Jew, but he didn't forget that Hashem saved him.

After school Dan went to university and he studied business because for Dan money was his main goal [FOREIGN]. He started to sell insurance Insurance [FOREIGN] and he wanted to find Lin Tso new clients [FOREIGN] So he decided to go to [FOREIGN] and meet people. And he decided to go to a A bad show because he liked the atmosphere, atmosphere of there.

In the end, Dan didn't sell them insurance, but he remembered that he was a Jew And he understood that money wasn't making him happy. [FOREIGN], Dan asked himself [FOREIGN] two questions, what is happiness? [FOREIGN] What is success in life. [FOREIGN] Sometime later a friend advised, yes he advised them to go go to an [UNKNOWN] seminar, a two day seminar Dan went to the seminar and he listened to a lecture [FOREIGN] from the famous lecturer [FOREIGN] And then listened [FOREIGN] He listened to the Rabi talk about Shabat and Jewish history.

And then decided to [FOREIGN] to keep Shabat and slowly little by little he started to be thrum religious, and then Dan decided to go and live in Israel to return to Israel. He rented an apartment in Jerusalem and in order today to save money, he looked for a roommate. Roommate Havel Heder and he put an ad [FOREIGN] in the newspaper advertising the need for [FOREIGN] for a roommate.

A few days later, Dan received, he received a call from a man called Aaron [UNKNOWN]. Aaron [UNKNOWN] told Dan, do you remember that we finished school together ten years ago? Dan didn't remember Aaron [UNKNOWN], but they decided to meet the next day [FOREIGN], in the center of town.

The next day Dan waited in town and soon he saw a man running to him, [FOREIGN] Dan didn't recognize [FOREIGN], he didn't recognize the man because he had a long beard [FOREIGN]. They started to speak and they were friends again. And Dan told Aaron that he is now also religious. Aaron told Dan that he is studying in the Asheba in Jerusalem and Dan decided to go and study in the Ashiba as well.

Dan studied for three years in Yeshima, after that he got married and today Dan [INAUDIBLE] lives in Jerusalem with his wife and large family. Dan studies in, In the morning and for the rest of the day he teaches. So here is a man who left Israel a secular Jew look at him, he returned to Israel and now he is what we say a, True [FOREIGN] [MUSIC].